The Most Beautiful Town in Greece
"Paros is the 'lieu d' élection of the poet Seferis, who used to claim with smiling diffidence that it was the loveliest of all the Cyclades and that the organization of its streets and squares aspired to the condition of music. Here he liked to spend his summers, walking among the brilliantly variegated colour schemes of the little town, worrying at his verses like a hound..." 

-Lawrence Durrell, The Greek Islands


I'll say this island's name once, but if you miss it I won't repeat it. This isn't the place you go around announcing with a loudspeaker. It's too charming, too blue. Too crisp and dreamy. I agree with Seferis; Paros is the quintessence of Cycladic elegance: sugar cube architecture, blinding whiteness, calamari that's not too chewy. After visiting this place, I'm tempted to venture to even more remote Greek Islands. They seem to increase in delightfulness the less populated they are. To have this one to ourselves on this vivid June day was so enjoyable it felt illicit. The season, the afternoon, the breeze. The chicness. The shadows. Ah!!! Cue the symphony.

June 29, 2016 by David Axelrod

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