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Hello! I'm David. Welcome to my travel universe.

I'm a mindful travel expert, creative nonfiction author, and fine art photographer. As a professional globonaut, I scour Earth to capture vibrant images that convey joy, vitality, and a sense of "the good life." You can find me telling tales and bottling beauty at the intersection of Art and Adventure (or at home in Seattle, Washington). 

2STRAWS is my metaphor for a life of wonder. It represents the sharing and savoring (the "sipping") of nature and culture, and a commitment to exploration. 2STRAWS are what aesthetes and seekers drink creative lives with. One straw is for pain, the other is for elation. One straw is for leading by example, the other is for learning from experience. One straw is for me, the other is for you. 

I am dedicated to inspiring and enabling people to travel more, and travel better. But I recognize that not everyone can travel as often as they'd like. That's why I've spent the past two decades collecting photographic memories and turning my adventures into art. My hope is that my photography prints bring the world to you, enliven your walls, and make you smile every day.